• MARINA Spillover Strategy

    To define a strong Spillover Strategy do the following: 1.Define clear communication statements that define the WHY and will enable the Spillover; 2. Outline the processes and activities that you will use to spillover; 3. Highlight the results of your research and/or innovation activity that will be used in the spillover activities.

  • MARINA Lessons Learned and Good Practices

    --MARINA Good Practices and Lessons Learned can help you to: 1. ------------------------------------------Organise and Execute a multidisciplinary stakeholder workshop 2. ------------------------------------------Create Community of Stakeholders 3. ------------------------------------------Motivate and Engage Stakeholders to share knowledge and learn from others 4. ------------------------------------------Engage Citizens 5. ------------------------------------------Better understand different types of Stakeholders 6. ------------------------------------------Create trust and good relations among stakeholders 7. ------------------------------------------Choose a workshop participatory methodology 8. ------------------------------------------Highlight lessons from different marine sectors 9. ------------------------------------------Apply the Responsible Research and Innovation Dimensions 10. ------------------------------------------Use the RRI Roadmap Milestones with confidence --The MARINA Good Practices and Lessons Learned are organised with filters allowing you to easily identify those that you need. Available filters: 1. ------------------------------------------Lesson Learned/ Good Practice 2. ------------------------------------------RRI Dimension 3. ------------------------------------------RRI Roadmap Milestone 4. ------------------------------------------Workshop Definition and Execution 5. ------------------------------------------Workshop Methodology 6. ------------------------------------------Stakeholder Motivation 7. ------------------------------------------Stakeholder Group 8. ------------------------------------------Stakeholder Level of Engagement 9. ------------------------------------------Societal Challenge 10. ------------------------------------------Marine Sector

  • Report on the quality criteria of Good Practice Standards in RRI

    Report on the quality criteria of Good Practice Standards in RRI-- This report written by the RRI-Tools project presents quality criteria of Good Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) Practice Standards. It constitutes a further step in concretizing what it means to put RRI into practice. It is first and foremost meant for internal use to all partners in the RRI Tools project, as it provides a number of basic building blocks that can be used in developing or selecting (self-)evaluating, monitoring and implementation tools of which the RRI Tools toolkit will consist. Furthermore, the quality criteria may be used for thinking about how research and innovation practice should be designed to make them (more) responsible. In itself, this report on the quality criteria for good practice standards does not so much constitute a tool for implementing, monitoring or (self-)evaluating research and innovation practices on their level of responsibility. The criteria would need to be tailored to the specific context of the practice and accompanied with guidelines on how to use them. Tools could vary between areas of research and innovation, user perspectives, and purposes of the tool within research and innovation trajectories.