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CNR-IRPPS is organising the FORUM ON POST COVID-19 TOURISM. The main discussion session is organised on 15 of July 2021 from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm CEST.Tourism is one of the sectors more negatively affected the by the Covid-19 pandemic. This crisis enabled us to learn some lessons and to understand that there is the need for a new tourism strategy in Europe and at worldwide level. This crisis can be an opportunity to rethink tourism, building the tourism for the future and a stronger, more sustainable and resilient tourism economy. First of all, we are interested in understanding what has been the impact of COVID-19 on the tourism industry, the lessons learned from a situation of emergency and, how starting from these lessons it is possible to give a new and innovative start to the tourism in general. It is very important to suggest action lines and strategies that enable market players and governments to cope with the challenges emerging for the tourism industry as a post-pandemic recovery and resilience building strategy. For this reason, in this forum we aim to discuss the opportunities and challenges that could emerge in the tourism field. During the forum discussion we aim to collect opinions from stakeholders from different perspectives and experiences and, also from different geographies (at the European level) to understand problems, challenges and opportunities as well the new trends in tourism like sustainability, how digitalisation has been used during the crisis and how it can stimulate and help innovative processes in the tourism sector. We invite to attend the event Citizens, Entrepreneurs, Policy-makers, Researchers and Scientists. Topics discussed during the forum: - Impact of COVID-10 on tourism field and lessons learned. - Resilience - Tourism, digitalisation, COVID-19 crisis and post pandemic management - Tourism recovery post-COVID-19. - Social, economic and environmental sustainability. - Governments measures and political role. - New emerging tourism trend and market niches (e. g. circular economy, green tourism, local tourism, etc.). - Communication strategies, social media role and online marketing. - Digitalisation as the driver of growth for tourism businesses.


MARINA project

BLUEMED project

Osservatorio del Mare a Molfetta


Consorzio Tiberina

Ora del mare



Blue Growth Community (BGC)

Blue Biotechnology Community of the B-Blue project




Climate change


Risk, vulnerability and resilience

Non-indigenous species

Hazard and the protection of coastal areas

Marine litter



Technology and innovation

Trade and supply chains

Jobs and investments

Marine related issues:

Deep sea mining including bio-prospecting

Pollution caused by human, land and sea pressures

Blue growth

Marine change caused by climate


Sea transportation

Coastal urbanization

Marine biotech

Blue energy [Renewable energy (wave, wind, tidal)]

Maritime, coastal and cruise tourism

Coastal erosion

Fishing and aquaculture

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