Enhancing ethics and economics in aquaculture

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Organiser: KOYSLab and CNR

Event type: focus group

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Description:The workshop “Enhancing ethics and economics in aquaculture using solutions based on IoT and digital automation” has the mission to start the analysis of the potential connections between marine RRI knowledge and digital automation technologies applied by the industry4.0 processes. Its main scope is to build a view to co-constructing a common understanding of opportunities for the adoption of RRI approach in the context of shared industry-food-marine R&D and policies. Aquaculture is the world’s fastest growing food industry and it has the responsibility to face the growing global population feeding. However, it entails diseases and marine pollution. Developing innovative and sustainable food sources is a key priority for Europe and a key-issue in the marine sector with a huge social impact. The 4.0 approach is started to being applied in large scale to the marine sector: IoT, blockchain and big data technologies, help improve security, fish health status, food quality and traceability and environmental safety. What about overall economy, the level of access to food, the processes decreasing the harmful chemicals in the water, and what about matching with other kind of agro-food productions? This is a challenge and we’re convinced it should be approached by including elements and methods of Responsible Research and Innovation, ensuring the fulfilment of the needs and expectations of society. You are invited to support us with your knowledge, experience and perspectives, to outline some guidelines of mutual research between the marine and the Industry 4.0 sectors.


MARINA project

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Cross-sectoral marine-industry4.0 exploitation: workshop public report


The whole workshop focused on the need to find solutions to overcome societal problematic such as the unsustainable aquaculture and the marine littering, by merging the knowledge of the marine and industry sectors