Explore the Development of Sustainable Tourism Opportunities within Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) through Responsible Research and Innovation

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Event type: structured democratic dialog

Description:Developing sustainable nature based tourism products and experiences can aid biodiversity protection, while offering local communities opportunities for social and economic benefit. However, to be effective, each enterprise requires appropriate knowledge, skills, abilities, and institutional arrangements to define and solve problems, and employ legitimate participatory processes that support cooperation and afford stakeholders influence and benefit for their involvement. MPAs as “a clearly defined geographical space, recognised, dedicated and managed, through legal or other effective means, to achieve the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values” The challenge is to achieve balance in the development of sustainable tourism products and services while ensuring that the MPA’s objectives of protecting the long-term conservation of nature with associated ecosystem services and cultural values. The MARINA project aims to examine how the principles of Responsible Research and Innovation which implies that societal actors (researchers, citizens, policy makers, business, third sector organisations, etc.) work together during the whole research and innovation process in order to better align both the process and its outcomes with the values, needs and expectations of society can achieve this balance.






SmartBay Ireland

14-11-2017 00:00


MARINA Introduction Presentation