European Maritime Day Conference Workshop: Inspiring engagement for a sustainable future for our seas

Timezone: GMT+00:00

Description:The workshop will involve a new facilitation activity focusing on future development trends in our seas which is designed to highlight communication challenges between sectors. This will be used as a starting point for a discussion about engagement best practices and attendees will leave with a host of new engagement resources to explore. Objectives: 1) To practically demonstrate the challenges of working with diverse marine interest groups, 2) Share positive lessons and approaches for tackling these challenges through engagement, and 3) To produce a collective statement supporting wide stakeholder involvement. Moderators: Sarah Young, WWF, UK, Xenia Schneider, XPRO Consulting Limited, Cyprus, Iwona GIN, Nausicaa, Centre National de la Mer, France






Viktoria Brunner

22-05-2017 00:00


The workshop held by Nausicaa, XPRO and the WWF was great! I really enjoyed the game we played. Everyone joined in, it was easy to understand, fun to play and the lessons learned can absolutely be applied to everyday life situations when working in teams. Very interesting.