Wave Energy in Ireland: Considering the Future- an industry perspective

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Description:The development of wave energy technology is one of the most technologically challenging industries that is currently being developed. In relation to the technological challenges for any R&D activity, significant funding and regulatory support is required. R&D is often associated as high risk with institutional investors, so early investment is often undertaken by governments and high risk appetite individuals and consortiums. n Ireland, funding and policy support is being provided to try and develop an indigenous wave energy industry. Facilities have been set up around the country to test devices and a prototype development fund has been set up. Is this funding support sufficient to assist in overcoming the technological challenges? What additional support and regulatory assistance could be provided and what focus should this take? These issues will be compared to the Offshore Wind Development in the country. The technology for offshore wind is now proven but Ireland still has not progressed to the development of any projects and the challenges surrounding this will be explored.






SmartBay Ireland

20-01-2017 00:00


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