GRRIP - Marine and Maritime stakeholder community

The GRRIP community is a community of interest with the goal to promote Responsible Research and Innovation in the Marine and Maritime sector. GRRIP aspires to include citizens, and interested individuals from the following sectors to form an active and engaged community: • Universities, and Higher Educational Institutions • Research Performing Organisations • Research Funding Organisations • Industries, private sector, and SMEs • Civil Society Organisations • Other EU-funded and nationally funded Projects • Policy makers The GRRIP community aims to: 1. foster a sustainable exploitation of marine resources (e.g., marine energy, fish and sea food); 2. facilitate embedding responsible research and innovation policies and practices in organisations. Features of the MARINA platform: • sharing results and experiences from the current and past projects with online discussions and chats; • having access to good practices and lessons learned in the area of M&M research, RRI, Open Science); • designing and launching surveys using the web-form (designed similar to Google forms); • using the working spaces made available in the platform for discussions, for sharing working documents and for a proactive and participatory approach to training (webinars or online participatory events, educational videos); • event organisation (using the video conferencing feature made available in the platform, ability to live stream on YouTube) for engaging citizens and wider societal stakeholders; • digital libraries for collecting and sharing useful documents by the different stakeholders. For example, organisations could create one or more digital library that they can use for sharing their documents on laws and regulations, documents aiming to improve the collective awareness about Marine & Maritime challenges, etc.