• MARINA project

    MARINA project

  • BLUEMED project

    BLUEMED project

  • Osservatorio del Mare a Molfetta

    Osservatorio del Mare a Molfetta



  • Consorzio Tiberina

    Consorzio Tiberina

  • Ora del mare

    Ora del mare

  • Tascmar


  • H2O:Source2Sea


  • Blue Growth Community (BGC)

    Blue Growth is a thematic community of the Interreg MED programme. Its specific objective is to reinforce the joint work between marine and maritime clusters and networks across Mediterranean countries in order to create innovative solutions to unlock the sustainable potential of a healthy and productive sea.

  • Blue Biotechnology Community of the B-Blue project

    The Blue Biotechnology Community of the B-Blue project is a thematic community created with the specific objective of being the basis for a coordination framework in the Blue Biotechnology sector in the Med area to improve its governance dynamics in order to: support the connection among its members, favour the eco-innovation path from reaserach to the market in the sector and pave the way for a coordination among the regional structural funds addressed to the Blue Biotechonologies in the Mediterranean.


    MISTRAL aims at boosting the Blue Growth sector in the MED area through an open innovation approach, since it recognizes that today the current innovation performance in this sector is behind the EU average and there is a lack of transnational cooperation. We aim to strengthen a transnational partnership in order to: make marine knowledge and sustainable innovation the key drivers for Blue Growth, support MED clusters to become an excellent intermediary of knowledge for increasing blue economy, design and implement sustainable development trajectories harmonized with the MED regions Smart Specialization Strategies. We have the ambition to develop a wider governance vision towards 2022 in the Blue Growth sector providing an effective policy mainstreaming and to be the Blue Innovation wind in the MED area by unlocking the innovation potentials of the Blue Ecosystem.

  • Ocean4Biotech

    The overall aim of Ocean4Biotech is to bring together experts in the field of marine biotechnology, to provide a platform for sharing experience, knowledge and technologies and to design a roadmap for a more efficient and rapid development of marine biotechnology research in Europe and beyond. To best of our knowledge, such a large, diverse and geographically dispersed network of experts in marine biotechnology does not exist. Since marine biotechnology is still in its infancy, we believe this is the optimal timing to create this efficient, operational, motivated, inclusive and sustainable network with a serious and ambitious commitment for proactive dissemination and science communication activities. If you would like to join this COST Action please ensure that you read the guidance notes published on the COST website. For any general enquiries please contact MC Chair Dr. Ana Rotter ( or our info mail (

  • Mediterranean Innovation Alliance for Blue Bioeconomy

    The Mediterranean Innovation Alliance is intended as an open platform to enhance and streamline efforts ongoing both at transnational and territorial levels to build on innovation to move towards sustainable development in blue bioeconomy. The Alliance has a twofold nature: 1.Network/coalition of organisations sharing from different perspective the same interest and commitment to promote blue bioeconomy sustainable development across Mediterranean; 2.Community of people, directly involved in the Alliance activities, feeding the discussion, stimulating networking, animating the activities on a voluntarily basis Manager: Cristian Chiavetta Manager mail: